Below you will find answers to many of our frequently asked questions. If you require further assistance, please contact us.

In which countries is the vehicle sold?

Wave 1: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg
Wave 2: CCE, Greece
Wave 3: Rest of EU.

Do you have a minimum order volume?


Where are the vehicles manufactured?

Final Assembly in EU. Battery produced in Latvia and developed in Sweden.

How long does it take to receive a vehicle?

First orders will be delivered Q4 2022. Thereafter it depends on the backlog. Expected delivery time is approximately 3 months for standard configurations.

Do you offer vehicle financing and leasing?

Yes. Sales representative will present available options for you.

Do you offer parts, repair and maintenance services?


Is the vehicle battery replaceable?

Yes! While you can't replace it yourself, you can swap it out via an authorized maintenance provider.

Is the vehicle compatible with fleet management software?

Our Infotainment is open for fleet management software compatible with Android OS.

Can the infotainment system be customised?

Yes. We can create a full customizable software.

Do you offer remote unlock & start?

This feature is under development and will be available in near future.

Is there a developer API?

Yes. Our system can be accessible for clients upon agreement. API is standard Auto Android OS.

What is the vehicle's safety rating?

AKINSI ALPHA fulfils the European safety standards and will be rated during 2023.

Where can I test drive the vehicle?

Please subscribe to our newsletter for opportunities to test drive AKINSI ALPHA in your area.

What is your warranty?

3 year, 100 000 kilometre battery & drive warranty.

Do you offer any vehicle options or accessories?

A variety of accessories will be available. We will also provide the opportunity for developers and users to develop additional accessories using 3D printing technology.

Can I customise individual vehicles in my order?

Several predefined model options will be available for order.