AKINSI automotive is the partnership of Anodox Energy Systems Sweden and Jinpeng Group.

Anodox provides battery technology, added safety systems, infotainment and handling upgrades while Jinpeng group provides the platform of the vehicle including interior and exterior systems, BIW (main body) etc.

The battery of the car together with other important systems are produced in Europe – therefore we reduce carbon footprint and adapt our cars to the needs and expectations of our European customers.

AKINSI provides affordable electric vehicles for private customers, fleet buyers and mobility services such as a ride hailing, car sharing and last mile delivery. We meet the needs of businesses by minimising costs and maximising utility.



Our mission is to drastically reduce the cost of buying and operating an electric vehicle. That means designing for economy, smart sourcing of materials and components, and streamlining our vehicle production and logistics.


Our goal is to become among the most sustainable automotive OEMs in the world. Beginning with light weight vehicles that use less materials to sourcing a fully recyclable battery pack, we remain ever mindful of our effects on the environment from start to end.


Our mantra is keep things simple. From reducing complexity in the purchasing process to making vehicles that are easy to service and maintain, we are always looking for ways to take the friction out of buying and owning an electric vehicle.


Our vision for the future of mobility is free from fossil fuels, free from unethical supply chains, and freely available to those who need it regardless of their means. This vision guides our R&D efforts, from LFP battery tech to autonomous vehicle development.


Our purpose is to create a company that feels like a family, built on the foundations of honesty, trust, inclusivity, and genuine care for the lives of our employees, partners, customers and community. All have value, all are welcome.


We are currently open to discuss various opportunities for interested investors. If you would like to receive more information, please fill in our investor online questionnaire and we will get in touch with you shortly.